SASSA Payments Schedule for 2025/2026

SASSA Payments Schedule for 2025/2026

The SASSA Payments. Details of the SASSA Payments Schedule for 2025/2026. Find them here!!!

The SASSA grants are been paid to participants on the service on particular dates as scheduled on their calendar.

See SASSA Payment Dates if you are waiting for your grant to reflect in your account.

Basic Questions and Answers on SASSA Payments

How are payments for grants are done?

Payment shall be done through direct deposit into your own Bank Account or Through the cash transfer option goes to the cell phone and can be cashed at the bank ATM of your choice.

Applicants who do not have a bank account will be able to select a bank of their choice between the following 4 banks to receive a cash transfer payment:

  • ABSA
  • FNB

Where no choice is made as to how to receive the payment, SASSA will send the payment through the Post Office. All asylum seekers and special permit holders will be paid through the post office, where a personal appearance, with the relevant documents, will be required to prove identity before payment is affected.

Will I get paid on the anniversary of my first payment for the next months?

Not necessarily, the validations are done monthly, depending on whether the applicant still meets the criteria, the applicant will get paid again in the following month and not necessarily on the same day he/she was paid on the previous month.

If my application takes a long to finalise will I receive double payment /back pay?

If the applicant qualifies in that month of the application, he/she will be paid for that month, and also be paid for the current month if the applicant still meets the application criteria. The Payment may not necessarily be a double payment or lump sum payment, or on the same day either. It can be split up over days or weeks.

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