UNISA Masters and PhD Degree Application 2025/2026

UNISA Masters and PhD Degree Application 2025/2026

UNISA Masters and PhD Degree Application – Applications for admission to master’s & doctoral qualifications will be open from 15 September to 6 November. Thereafter, only those qualifications with spaces available will remain open until the end of January 2025/2026 (some exceptions apply).

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  • Everyone wanting to start a new qualification must apply for admission, including first-time Unisa applicants, Unisa students wanting to apply for a new qualification, students in their final year of a qualification wanting to start a master’s or doctoral qualification, and previously registered master’s & doctoral students who did not register for the academic year and now wish to continue with their studies.
  • If you are applying for admission to a Graduate School of Business Leadership (GSBL) qualification, please apply for a Unisa student number (unless you previously studied at Unisa towards a formal qualification) and complete the online application process.

Selection degrees

These qualifications have different closing dates for applications and are administered by the respective academic departments. Only a limited number of students are selected per academic year.

RPL for access into master’s and doctoral qualifications

Your experience could translate into subject credits within your qualification or direct access into a postgraduate qualification.

During your lifetime, you will have acquired various skills, competencies and experiences. This learning – which may have taken place outside of formal education and training – is valuable regardless of where or when it was obtained. You may have acquired skills or knowledge from a combination of training conducted while at work, experience you gained in the workplace, short courses or from community work in a relevant field.