Stellenbosch University Application 2025/2026

Stellenbosch University Application 2025/2026

Stellenbosch University Application 2025/2026 – How to Apply for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programs.

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Details of Stellenbosch University Application Procedure 2025/2026


STEP 1: Explore your options

  1. Read up on all the programmes we offer at Stellenbosch University by visiting What can I study on
  2. Make sure that you understand the selection criteria of the different faculties. Large numbers of prospective students apply for our programmes. Unfortunately, we can accept only a limited number of students. Even though you may meet the admission requirements of a programme, you are not guaranteed admission to the programme of your choice. The criteria are available at Admission and selection requirements on
  3. Also familiarise yourself with the University’s Admissions policy.

STEP 2: Take note of the application dates

1 March:                                Applications open for all programmes and residences.

1 April:                                  Applications open for financial assistance at Stellenbosch University.

30 June:                               Applications close for all undergraduate programmes as well as for residence.

31 August:                           Applications close for Stellenbosch University financial assistance.

1 September:                      Applications open for NSFAS bursaries on

30 November:                    Applications close for NSFAS bursaries.

20 February 2025:             Applications close for Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Public Accountability
(Telematic Education).

STEP 3: Select your programme

  1. For Stellenbosch University you may select three programme choices. The reason you may indicate three programmes, is that there are programmes with extensive selection criteria and it is possible that you will not to be selected for your first choice, but you may still be selected for your second or third choice.
  2. Note however, that you can only be admitted to one programme at a time. If you are admitted to your second choice at first, and then admitted to your first choice, your second choice will lapse as soon as you are admitted to your first choice.
  3. If you would rather continue with your second (or third choice) offer, you must let us know before the end of September at The offer you decline will expire. After September, your request will only be considered if places are available.
  4. All our programmes have selection criteria, but the following programmes all have extensive selection processes: All programmes in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences; all programmes in the Faculty of Law; BA (Visual Arts); BA (Drama); all programmes in Music; BA (Sport Science); BSc (Sport Science); BEd (GenEd); all pogrammes in Engineering; BCom Actuarial Science and BCom (International Business).
  5. If your first programme choice is from the extensive selection programmes, we recommend a second choice. If both your first and second choices are from the list of selection programmes above, we recommend that you indicate a third choice which is not from this list.
  6. If you want to change your programme choice, send an e-mail containing your request to Please remember that, after the closing date, programme changes can only be considered if there are places available in the programme.
  7. To help you place your programme choice in the correct order, bear the following in mind:

Medicine and Health Sciences

This faculty will only consider your programme choice if it is indicated as your first choice. Applicants can be considered for BSc in Dietetics as a second choice, provided their first choice programme is not in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.


This faculty will only consider your programme choice if it is indicated as your first choice.

Law programmes

  • Selection for the programmes BA (Law), BCom (Law) and BAccLLB will only be considered if it is your first programme choice.
  • The undergraduate, four-year LLB programme will be considered as a first or a second choice on your application.

Arts and Social Sciences

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) will only consider first and second choices.

  • Third choices will only be considered if the first and second choices are from the list of extensive selection
    programmes (see above).
  • BA (Sport Science) must be your first or second choice.
  • B in Social Work should preferably be first or second choice. Third choice will only be considered in exceptional cases.

Economic and Management Sciences (EMS)

  • This faculty will consider first, second or third programme choices. If you have more than one EMS programme on your list. EMS will consider them in your order of preference.
  • BCom (Law), BAccLLB, BCom Actuarial Sciences and BCom (International Business) will, however, only be considered if it is your first choice.


This faculty will consider your application for one of their programmes as a first, second or third choice, with the
exception of the programme in BSc Food Science, BScAgric Animal Science or a programme where Food Science or
Animal Science is offered as a subject. For these programmes, your application will only be considered as a first or second choice.


This faculty will consider your application for one of their programmes as a first, second or third choice. The programmes BSc Human Life Sciences, BSc Molecular Biology and Biotechnology and BSc Sport Science, will however, only be considered as a third choice if places are available.


This faculty will consider your application for one of their programmes as a first, second or third choice.You may apply for more than one BEng programme, e.g. BEng Civil as first choice and BEng Industrial as second, since their selection thresholds may differ.


This faculty will consider your application for one of their programmes as a first or second choice. Third choice will be considered based on availability of places.

STEP 4: Complete your application

Electronic/ Online applications

  1. To apply online at, you will need a valid email address and cell phone number. Correspondence will be sent to the email address and sms’s to the cell phone.
  2. As soon as you’ve lodged a formal online application, you will receive a username (student number) and 8-digit
    password to continue your application.
  3. All compulsory screens, with red ‘Outstanding’ buttons, must be completed. The ‘submit’ button will only be available once ALL the compulsory screens are completed (a green ‘Completed’ button will be displayed).
  4. Please ensure that the information you provide is correct. If the information is incorrect the University is entitled to reject your application or cancel your registration immediately.
  5. Should there be an electricity outage, data will not be lost and the application can be completed at a later stage before the closing date.
  6. After you have completed all the compulsory screens, click on the ‘Submit’ button.
  7. You will now receive your official SUN-password along with your given username (student number) to access your application status to upload all your supporting application documents and monitor your application.
  8. To complete your application all the correct supporting documents must be uploaded before the closing date. Your application will only be processed AFTER your application has been completed. Your application cannot be considered if all application documents have not been uploaded before the closing date.
  9. Submitting a completed application and meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission.

Hard copy applications:

  1. We recommend that you apply online, but if you do not have internet access, you may complete a hard copy form instead. You may obtain a hard copy application form from our Contact and Client Centre at 021 808 9111 or via email at
  2. If you utilise a hard copy application, please complete all the applicable fields and send in all the necessary documents along with your application form. We cannot consider your application if we do not have all the correct information. Your application form and supporting documents must reach us before the closing date.
  3. Please do not apply by both using the hard copy form and applying online. If we receive both types of application from you, we can only accept the online application as the intended one.

STEP 5: Make sure that you upload all the required documents


  1. Final Gr11 or Final Gr12 results or Academic transcript (if appicable)
  2. Signed contract (you and a parent/guardian need to sign)
  3. Proof of payment of R100 application fee (if applicable)
  4. Proof of permanent residence (Non South African citizens)
  5. Student support form (students with disabilities who need support)
  6. Additional faculty specific documents (If applicable)


All documents are available on the Prospective Undergraduate Student website (

  1. Signed Stellenbosch University contract (please print out, sign and upload). No electronic signatures accepted.
  2. Proof of permanent residency, refugee or asylum status (Not applicable to South African citizens).
  3. Student support form (students with disabilities who need additional support).
  4. Additional faculty specific documents (If applicable):
    • Speech Language and Hearing Therapy, and Dietetics visitation form
    • Portfolio requirements for BA (Visual Arts)
    • Selection form for BA Drama and Theatre Studies
  5. Proof of payment (R100 non-refundable application fee)
    • South African citizens only;
    • Not applicable to applicants from quantile 1 to 3 schools. Quantile 1 to 3 schools are schools who are identified by the Department of Basic Education as schools situated in disadvantage environments.
    • Read more about payment options on or contact our Contact and Client Service Centre at +2721 808 9111 or

STEP 6: Write the national benchmark test (NBT’S)

The NBT’s are applicable to prospective first-year applicants to Stellenbosch University. SU uses the National Benchmark Tests for selection and/or placement purposes. For more information and/or make a booking to write the NBT’s please visit or call 021 650 3523.

STEP 7: Monitor your application status

When you have successfully completed the steps and received acknowledgement of your complete application from the Admission Office your application is ready to be considered. Use your username (student number) and official SUN-password to sign in and monitor your application status on Please keep in mind that there might be a notification for additional information required.

If you have not written your final examination yet at application, your final Grade 11 marks will determine whether the University will admit you conditionally to a programme. Conditional admission means that you are admitted on condition that your final results meet the basic admission requirements for university study and the minimum admission requirements of the programme you applied for. Only then can your admission to the University be finalised.

Contact: Should you need help with your application, or you require more information, please contact the University at 021 808 9111, send an email to or visit