Northrise University Fees 2023/2024

Northrise University Fees 2023/2024

Table and PDF Format of Northrise University Fees Structure 2023/2024. Find on this page full details of the Northrise University Fees Structure for Courses in 2023/2024 Academic Year.

Northrise University Fees

Tuition Fees are what students pay for the cost of the courses they learn at the university. The Northrise University Fees is structured to cover the Northrise University Tuition Fees and other Academic bills and services offered in the school. The Northrise University Intake and all associated fees are required to be paid into the University’s rightful account.

See Northrise University Bank Account Numbers

If you are a continuing student, you can check your Outstanding Fees online by accessing the Northrise University Student Portal or better still visit the Accounts Department for all information you may need on your current fees status.

Candidates applying for Admissions can also pay for their Northrise University Application Form fee to the same account provided. You can contact Northrise University for details.

Tabulation of the Northrise University Fees 2023/2024

Below are all the Northrise University Fees for the 2023/2024 Academic year.


Northrise University offers a quality education at very competitive and affordable fees. In addition, NU offers three (3) payment plans to give students alternatives in the way they pay for tuition fees, thereby help ease the financial pressure. Take advantage of these and more Tuition and Financial options to create a financial plan that provides convenient ways to pay for your tuition, other fees and educational expenses.

Please read and understand the terms and conditions that apply to each particular payment plan and ensure that you make your payment before the payment due date. Contact the accounts office at for more details on the following payment options offered:


This is a plan where students pay for their course (s) in full at the beginning of each Semester or Study Period (SP), including courses taken during double up periods for the Center for Professional Studies (CPS).


Tuition will be paid per Study Period based on the tuition fee amount, the number of courses to be taken in an AY, and the duration of the course. For example, for AY 2011, CPS students are supposed to take 9 courses at a fee of K1,075.00 per each three-credit course, over 6 SPs. The total tuition for the AY comes to K9,675.00. When this amount is prorated over the 6 SPs of the AY, students would pay K1,612.50 (K9,675.00/6 SPs) in each SP regardless of whether they are doubling up or not.


This payment plan allows you to make payments in Three (3) instalments and the breakdown is as follows;

First Installment: 34% of the total invoice (To be paid before classes commence).

Second Installment: 33% of the total invoice (5th week on a Thursday )

Third Installment: 33% of the total invoice (10th week on a Thursday).

Should you have questions, do not hesitate to contact the accounts department at


Under this option, a student pays half of the tuition fees for the course(s) at the beginning of each course. The other half is required in the 4th week of the course for CPS. If a student fails to pay by the 4th week, they would not continue with the course, forfeit the fees paid so far (to cover the classes attended up to this point) and the course would need to be redone. This payment plan is applicable to DAY scholars as well. The only difference is that they are required to pay the second half of the fees in the 7th week just before the mid-semester exams. Further, this option is not available should a student fail to make the required half tuition payment before the beginning of each course. Consequently, such a student is mandated to follow the Full Tuition (FT) Payment Plan for the Study Period or Semester in question.

Academic Year 2023 Fee Schedule

The table below highlights tuition and other fees for Academic Year 2023. For a comprehensive list of fees, please download the AY 2023 Fees Schedule Refund Policy

Fee NameLocal (Zambian & SADC member state students) FeesInternational (Non-Zambian & non-SADC member state students) Fees
Undergraduate Tuition Fees
DAY- ICT ProgramsK1,500.00 per Course/subjectK2,340 per Course/Subject
DAY – Other ProgramsK1,400.00 per Course/SubjectK2,240 per Course/Subject
CPS (Evening) – ICT ProgramsK1,400.00 per Course/SubjectK2,240.00 per Course/Subject
CPS (Evening) – Other ProgramsK1,300.00 per Course/subjectK2,150.00 per Course/Subject
DEL (Distance e-Learning) – ICT ProgramsK1,200.00 per Course/SubjectK1,920.00 per Course/Subject
DEL (Distance e-Learning) – Other ProgramsK1,100.00 per course/SubjectK1,820.00 per Course/Subject
Graduate Tuition Fees
CPS (Evening) – Masters & Postgraduate DiplomaK3,000.00 Per Course/SubjectK4,100.00 per Course/Subject
Masters/Postgraduate – Distance e-LearningK2,500.00 per Course/SubjectK3,500.00 per Semester/Subject
Mandatory Fees
Examination FeesK50.00 per Course/SubjectK110.00 per Semester
Library FeesK50.00 Per SemesterK75.00 per Semester
ICT Services FeesK100.00 per SemesterK125.00 per Semester
Student Council FeesK50.00 per SemesterK50.00 per Semester
Registration FeesK50.00 per Registration PeriodK70.00 per Registration Period
Other Fees
Application for Admission Fee (Non-refundable)K120.00 Undergraduate
K220.00 Graduate
K200.00 Undergraduate
K300.00 Graduate
Intent to Registration Fee (Non-refundable)K650.00 Undergraduate
K900.00 Postgraduate
K810.00 Undergraduate
K1110.00 Postgraduate
Accommodation Fee (Optional for DAYStudents Only)K5,500.00 Per SemesterK8,925.00 per Semester
Meal Fee (Optional for DAY Students only)K200.00 per MonthK365.00 per Month

Payment Process

Follow the payment process below to make your tuition and other fees payment with convenience.


Once you make the bank deposit, please bring the original deposit slip (make a copy if you need to retain one) and present it at the Reception at NU. You will be issued with a receipt which you must retain for your records. For all “Onsite” students, your registration is incomplete if the Receptionist is not in possession of the bank deposit slip.

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