Information Technology/IT Learnerships 2025/2026

Information Technology/IT Learnerships 2025/2026

Information Technology/IT Learnerships – Application Details of Information Technology/IT Learnerships 2025/2026.

Information Technology is the study or use of systems (especially computers and telecommunications) for storing, retrieving, and sending information.

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IT mainly focuses on technological advancements, not only computers.

IT Learnerships careers

There are numerous career fields within the IT sector.  Some of these career options are as follow:

  • Cloud Architect ? Known to be one of the highest paying IT career choices
  • IT Consultant ? This profession entails figuring out better ways to run computers
  • Health IT Specialist ? This is a blossoming field within the Health Care Industry
  • Computer Forensics Investigator ? This position is all about gathering information and cybersecurity
  • Mobile Application Developer ? Using coding to develop new applications for mobile devices
  • Games Developer ? Develops new games for computers and mobile devices
  • Network Engineer ? Building, organizing and configuring networks, firewalls and upgrading technology
  • Programmer ? Writes programs, software and more
  • IT Manager ? Planning, scheduling work, and budgeting, as well as giving direction to developers
  • WEB Developer ? This is known as a jack of all trades within the IT field
  • Software Engineer ? It is the people behind all programs

IT Learnerships Requirements

Learnerships are usually made available for young adults who have just completed their schooling, college or studies.  Candidates between the ages of 16 and 30 are urged to apply.

Candidates wishing to apply will require the following:

  • Graduated with a study in the IT field with a  60% pass rate
  • Matriculated with Mathematics and English at a 60% pass rate
  • Must be a South African Citizen
  • Must hold a valid ID and Driver?s license
  • Currently unemployed
  • Candidates must not hold any criminal record
  • Candidates with disability must have medical proof confirming the disability

Certified copies of all documentation must accompany applications.

IT Learnerships List of Companies

For online IT learnerships applications, there are a couple of options.  Some companies offer applications online, others can be collected from the different businesses within the industry.

Here are some links to current IT Learnerships:










Glass House Recruiting


IT Learnerships Closing date

Each company that offers learnerships in this field will have a closing date and these may vary from one company to the next. Candidates can find more detail on the companies web site or the learnership advertisement.