How To Use Cinnamon

How To Use Cinnamon

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Ways on How To Use Cinnamon

Medicinal uses

Listed below are a few of the main reasons people use cinnamon medicinally. At the end you will find the recommended dose for this great spice.

1. Lowering Blood Sugar

If your blood sugar levels aren’t stable, neglecting to monitor them could result in serious consequences. People who have difficulty to control their blood sugar levels, particularly diabetics, have used cinnamon because it helps the body respond to insulin more effectively, which encourages healthy blood sugar levels. And indeed cinnamon is one of the 14 best foods to control diabetes which I wrote about in the past.

2. Lowering Cholesterol

When you’re levels of low density lipoproteins (LDL) aren’t controlled, you may face major health risks that affect your heart.

3. Treating Yeast Infections

Treating yeast infections is one of the most surprisingly effective medical benefits that comes from cinnamon. Studies have shown that it had the ability to prevent the infection from developing even when it became resistant to medication. Cinnamon oil is the most common way for people to get the best results for this issue.

4. Reducing Inflammation

There were medical studies done at the University of Texas that tested how well cinnamon could help with diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer. These studies found that the cinnamon actually helped prevent inflammation in brain tissue. This secures a longer and healthier life for your brain.

5. Antioxidant Effects

When it comes to the most potent and effective antioxidants in the world, cinnamon actually places in the top seven. The body uses antioxidants to cleanse itself and keep harmful radicals from forming. They also help the cells from every part of your body recover much quicker from damage.

6. Anti Bacterial and Anti Fungal

When used in oil form, cinnamon has potent anti-bacterial properties and it is a great way to disinfect things in your home when mixed with water.  It is also commonly used to fight stubborn fungal infections like athletes foot.

7. Helping Digestion

Cinnamon uses the antibacterial properties mentioned above to help infected digestive tracts and promote the healthy breakdown of food. It also has been shown to ease symptoms of bloating, prevent nausea, help digest dairy, and treat diarrhoea. This has been a well-known medical use in Chinese culture for hundreds of years.

8. Reducing Pain

Cinnamon can effectively keep away prostaglandins, which are receptors that make your neurons more sensitive to pain. The large amount of manganese also helps encourage bone health and prevent pain brought on by arthritis.

9. Reducing Weight

Believe it or not cinnamon can also help you achieve your goals with weight loss (cinnamon is also one of the ingredients in my weight loss drink). It increases blood circulation, which leads to a faster metabolic rate. It also keeps hunger at bay by metabolizing sugars and suppressing cravings.

10. Healthy Blood Clotting

There has been a lot of medical research surrounding cinnamon’s ability to thin the blood. The studies found that it kept blood platelets from being clumped together, a problem that usually results in serious health issues.

How Much To Take

It’s hard to believe that something that we have strictly associated with holiday dishes and scented candles yields so many benefits for our bodies. With natural health practices on the rise, people are curious as to how much cinnamon they should have in a single day for optimal results.

There aren’t many strict guidelines when it comes to using cinnamon. Some professionals advise that you can get up to one teaspoon a day if you are ingesting it in powdered form. The oils and concentrates tend to vary in potency, so you should always read the instructions before using them. Although it takes a large amount, it can be toxic when used excessively. The only other piece of advice is to avoid cinnamon altogether if you are already on some form of blood thinning medicine.

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