How To Eat Garlic By Trying Garlic Supplements

How To Eat Garlic By Trying Garlic Supplements

This page is dedicated to enlighten you on How To Eat Garlic By Trying Garlic Supplements. Follow the steps provided on this page to improve your techniques on How To Eat Garlic By Trying Garlic Supplements.

Steps on How To Eat Garlic By Trying Garlic Supplements

  1. Swallow dried garlic capsules. It’s best to boost your health with fresh garlic. However, you can also boost your health by using dried garlic capsules. You can get these at most health food stores and vitamin or wellness retailers.

    • Read product labeling to ensure that your chosen capsule has allium in it, which is important for reaping its health benefits. Following dosing instructions to ensure you get maximum health-boosting benefits.
    • Avoid purchasing dried garlic tablets. The process used to make these destroy the health compounds in garlic.
  2. Take a garlic supplement. Using a supplement is a good way to enhance your consumption of garlic.
    • Speak with your doctor before taking garlic supplements. You may have a condition or take other medications that shouldn’t be mixed with garlic. Ask your doctor to recommend a high-quality garlic supplement if you want to try one.
    • Consider consulting a natural health professional about choosing the best quality supplement for your health.
    • Follow the instructions on the bottle and any instructions your doctor has given you as well.
  3. Look for a United States Pharmacopeia (USP) verified product. While supplements are not regulated by the FDA, you can choose a product that has a USP seal to ensure that what is in the bottle matches what the label says. This can also help you to choose the safest product possible. Some other types of seals that may indicate the product is trustworthy include:
    • NSF International
    • UL
    • Consumer Lab


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