How To Answer Query On Negligence Of Duty

How To Answer Query On Negligence Of Duty

This page is dedicated to enlighten you on How To Answer Query On Negligence Of Duty. Follow the steps provided on this page to improve your techniques on How To Answer Query On Negligence Of Duty.

Steps on How To Answer Query On Negligence Of Duty

This is a written example on how to reply a query in your place of work given to you by your boss. If you are writing for a different course, just change the words here to suite the one you are writing. This is not a full assurance that you will be pardoned in your office, but if you write a good reply to your boss, then you are free. Enjoy this….

 Project Unit
P. P. W.M Dept
Ebusbeb Abakaliki
10 December, 2014

The Permanent Secretary
Ebonyi State Universal
Basic Education Board



I humbly wish to answer a query dated 2 December, 2013 for negligence of duties and irregular attendance to duty I have been coming to work and obedient to my superior officers expect from 28 October to 28 November 2013, when I want for my November/ December 2013 NATEB exams leave dully approved by the board.

Even though I have being sitting idle in my office due to transfer of my schedule to one Mrs. Ogbu Nkechinyere a receiving officer in stores unit of finance & supply Dept (F&S) my schedules which include inscriptions on buildings, chairs, desks, tables both for ETF and UBE projects and any other Arts job that the board may deem fit to assign to me. I was employed November 2001 as an Arts officer posted to PRS.

There was a day the PM II Mrs. Ezeadikwa called me for an assignment to paint and renew the school girl statue and I made a proposal of N9,500 being for purchase of paints. On that process PM II she ask me to reduce something which I did and remove N1000 and it remaining N8,500 this is for buying of paints only as this was part of my schedule.

But, I was surprise when my HOD and HPM called me and gave me the sum of four thousand naira only (N4000) they told me that was the money release from the board for painting of a school girl status. I told them that N4000 cannot buy the paints.

Though I collected the money and added my own money the sum of N1350 to make up the sum N5,350 I was able to manage it to purchase paints which I used in doing the job. And expensive oil paint, the materials was not enough but I manage to finish the statue girl and the base.

I was very surprise when I got a query asking me to explain why disciplinary action should not be taken against me for not completing a job given to me to do knowing fully well that I had finished that job earlier than expected.

I know you are a godly father and good leader, I beg you to use your good office and direct for necessary action.

I apologize in any way I have wronged the board and promise such will not repeat again.

The photocopies of my approval letter and exams time table are attached below.

I shall be happy if my schedule will be restore back. To God be glory.


Yours faithfully,
Nwaze F. Eze
Senior Arts Officer

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