Copperbelt University Banking and Finance

Copperbelt University Banking and Finance

Updates of Copperbelt University Banking and Finance Course. See Details of Copperbelt University (CBU) Banking and Finance Course

The management of Copperbelt University wishes to invite the prospective student to apply for the Banking and Finance Course offered at the Polytechnic. Copperbelt University Intake

The Banking and Finance Course is offered under the Department of Banking and Finance among other various courses. Copperbelt University Entry Requirements



This Bachelor of Banking and Finance degree programme is designed to equip students with a background of banking and finance concepts, as well as knowledge and skills that allow for practical application in the modern-day workplace.

The Bachelor of Science in Banking and Finance programme is tailored to provide the knowledge and skills required to handle financial products as well as financial and banking product development, to individuals that work within or aspire to work in the Global Banking and Finance Industry. The programme also provides a platform from which individuals can begin to develop into highly competent managers, who are well qualified not only in Banking and Finance but also other professional areas required for successful business administration and management.


The Bachelor of Science in Banking and Finance program gives students the ability to transform the theoretical knowledge obtained throughout their studies into practice. The Banking and Finance degree course is of particular interest to those wishing to enter the financial sector. It will provide students with the opportunity to acquire specialist economic knowledge of the operation of the monetary and financial sectors.

 Aims of the programme

The fundamental aim of the Banking and Finance program is to build human resource capacity to meet the needs of the Zambian banking and finance industry at undergraduate level. The Banking and Finance programme provides the students with the essentials of banking and financial knowledge.

Objectives of the programme

The objective of the Banking and Finance program is to train students to a level reflective of international standards required of a banking and finance professional and reflective of the needs of the industry in a globalised banking and finance environment.

Programme Details


  • BS110: Principles of Microeconomics

  • BF 120: Basic Financial Accounting

  • BF 130-Banking Operations, Lending & International Business

  • BF 140: Mathematical Analysis

  • BF 150: Principles of Management

  • BF 190: Business Law


  • BF 210 Monetary and Financial Systems

  • BF 220 Financial Reporting, analysis and Management Control

  • BF 224: Corporate Finance

  • BF 240: Introduction to Data Processing

  • BF 242: Decision Making Techniques

  • BF 260: Principles of Marketing


  • BF 310: International Trade and Finance

  • BF 320: Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management

  • BF 330: Risk Management

  • BF 341: Operations Research

  • BF 343: Production and Operations Management (POM)

  • BF 390: Banking Law & Practice

  • BF 392: Regulatory Framework of Financial Institutions

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