Airtel Zambia Withdraw Charges 2024/2025

Airtel Zambia Withdraw Charges 2024/2025

Find out the Airtel Zambia Withdraw Charges Chart for 2024/2025. Airtel Zambia Money makes sending and receiving easier. In order to maintain the Mobile Money Service, Airtel Zambia charges customer specific amount whenever transactions are made.

Airtel Money Withdraw Charges

A phone-based service called Airtel Money enables you to manage your money straight from your smartphone, wherever you are and whenever you like. It enables users to keep kwacha equivalent value (Evalue) on a mobile wallet that has been authorized and sanctioned by the Bank of Zambia and that they can use to make purchases of goods and services.

One of Zambia’s most rapidly expanding mobile money services is Airtel Money. It is a telephone-based service that gives you the ability to:

  1. Money can be sent and received to any mobile number nationwide (Off network transfers to MTN and Zamtel are now available)
  2. Transfer funds between your bank account and your Airtel Money account. (Available for accounts that are linked; see Corporate partners list.)
  3. Verify your balance and mini statement in the bank.
  4. Cash is deposited and withdrawn

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The Airtel Money Withdraw Charges for 2024

Table of Airtel Zambia Withdraw Charges 2024/2025

The table below shows a list Airtel money withdraw charges

Withdraw Amount (K)Charge (K)
Between 1 to 1502.50
Above 150 to 3005
Above 300 to 50010
Above 500 to 1,00020
Above 1,000 to 3,00030
Above 3,000 to 5,00050
Above 5,000 to 10,000100

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Airtel Zambia Withdraw Charges

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