Zambia Catholic University Entry Requirements 2023

Zambia Catholic University Entry Requirements 2023

The Zambia Catholic University Courses Entry Requirements 2023/2024 – See on this page the Zambia Catholic University Entry Requirements for the 2023/2024 Admissions.

Zambia Catholic University Entry Requirements

The Zambia Catholic University Entry Requirements is designed the guide candidates willing to apply for the 2023/2024 Zambia Catholic University Intake. We have published the Zambia Catholic University Entry Requirements for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Candidates should consider checking:

Zambia Catholic University Courses

Zambia Catholic University Fees

After seeing the list of courses and the fees, you can come back to read the Zambia Catholic University Admission Requirements for clearer understanding before proceeding to Apply for Admission.

Before you head on to read the information that we have gather on this page about the Zambia Catholic University Application Form for 2023/2024, we entreat our readers especially students, parents and teachers to spend some few minutes to read more about Zambia Catholic University.

About Zambia Catholic University

“Catholic Education is above all a question of communicating Christ, of helping to form Christ In the lives of others” (John Paul II, 1979). The Catholic Church’s vision of education has always been the intergral development of the human person in accordance with the Gospel values. The approach to education has always been and will always remain holistic.

Hence the specific purpose of the Catholic University is formation of boys and girls, men and women who will be good citizens of the world.

Patron Saint | St.Thomas More

The patron saint of the University is St. Thomas More, an English Martyr, whose life was/is truly an example for all who are called to serve humanity and society, who, “as a statesman always placed himself at the service of the human statesman always placed himself at the service of the human person, especially the weak and poor, “over whom” honour and wealth held no sway” but was guided by an outstanding sense of fairness, who never compromised his conscience (John Paul II Jubillee Message, No.5, November 2000).


The University provides a living institutional witness to Christ and his message:

To research in the light of the Christian message and to put new discoveries at the service of humankind and society;

To offer a holistic formation for men and women capable of rational, critical judgement and conscious of transcendent of the human person;

To Accord professional training that incorporates ethical values and a sense of service to individuals and to socity, and to proffer dialogue between culture and faith.

Why Study at the Zambia Catholic University

Integration of Ethos in the University Curriculum

What sets us apart from other tertiary institution is the Integration of a strong ethos in the University curriculum. The University foundation courses include courses in Ethics, The Social Teachings of the Church and Information Technology. These programs are aimed at preparing professionals who possess critical thinking skills and an appreciation/ recognition of the inherent human dignity. As a University, we believe that education should prepare one to three ultimate ends; “the attainment of the common good, the acceptance of the inherent human dignity and the preservation of family values.

Holistic Education

We believe that education should be holistic, it should prepare one, not only academically, but also socially, mentally and spiritually. Throughout the time one is at our institution, these values are inculcated using both academic and extra curriculum activities. Every Sunday and Wednesday, there is Mass in the University Chapel. The University also as a vibrant Small Christian Community – Catholic Student Community (CASC) – that engages youths in evangelical work. Furthermore, the University, through the Office of the Dean of Students has an active sport curriculum for students to participate in tournaments locally with other universities.

Good Academic Curriculum

The University’s academic Curriculum is constantly updated to suite current demands and trends in the corporate world. The course structures have been updated and new course have been introduced in the quest to produce graduates who are adequately prepared for professional and academic career opportunities. The University is proud of producing top graduates who commend respect from peers and members of the community. The University curriculum is delivered in three modes of study: Full Time, Part Time and on Open Distance Learning. Prospective students can choose from any mode of study to suits their convenience.

Convenient Location

The University is conveniently located in Kalulushi along Ntundwa Drive. Kalulushi is a quiet and suitable place for your studies, away from distractions. The University is closely located to all essential facilities (Hospital, Shopping facilities etc.) which are easy to access. All accommodation facilities are located closely to the University Campus and can be accessed with a minimal walkable distance.

Details of Zambia Catholic University Entry Requirements 2023/2024

Admission Requirements for Zambia Catholic University

ZCU Minimum Entry Requirements for Undergraduate Programmes

Entry requirements for a Postgraduate degree Programme

A Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent from an accredited University in a subject or subjects relevant to the course applied for.

Entry requirements for a Masters Degree Programme

Graduate Applicants must pose a First degree in a relevant field.

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