Village Waldorf School Subjects 2024/2025

Village Waldorf School Subjects 2024/2025

The Village Waldorf School Subjects for 2024/2025. On this page is the list of Village Waldorf School Subject offered for the 2024/2025 Academic year.

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If you are searching for the updated subject offered at Village Waldorf School then you are on the right platform. The school has a well-structured subject that set students on their future career path.

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List of Subject Offered at Village Waldorf School


The Waldorf Curriculum is deeply invested in arts-based education, and painting, drawing, modelling with beeswax, and clay are part of the weekly timetable.


This subject is covered in Business Arithmetic which is introduced in Class Five and Six and continued in Class Seven.


History and Geography are introduced as Stories from the Old Testament in Class Three and Local Geography in Class Four. These two subjects are presented as interwoven themes from Class Three to Class Seven.


The child in a Waldorf school will learn to weave, knit and sew, do woodwork and carving, and learn to design basic patterns for clothing. Form Drawing introduces the more technical aspects, such as symmetry, line and curves, projection and rotation.


Life Orientation is approached in an age-appropriate manner. Universal tenets of morality are dealt with indirectly through stories from Judaic-Christian, Indian and Arabic traditions, as well as the ancient cultures of Rome, Egypt and Greece. Social issues are addressed in Class Six and Seven by way of biographies of historical figures and debating of current topics as they arise.


Man and Animal is the Main Lesson in Class Four, Botany the Main Lesson in Class Five, and Mineralogy, Physics and Astronomy are Main Lessons in Class Six and Seven. Thus the studies of the Animal, Plant, Mineral and Physical worlds are approached in an age-appropriate manner.