University of Cape Town Student Fees Handbook 2025/2026

University of Cape Town Student Fees Handbook 2025/2026

University of Cape Town Student Fees handbook 2025/2026 – The University of Cape Town operates on a course-based fee structure inclusive of all “add-ons”. Thus, the dictum that “the price you see is the price you pay” applies to all academic offerings across the university.

University of Cape Town Fees 2025/2026

The all-inclusive course-based fee structures published in Section 12 of the fees handbook, together with the relevant faculty handbook, will enable students to accurately calculate the cost of their academic studies at UCT.

The faculty handbook will show which courses can be taken and the relevant course code. Students can use this code to look up the all-inclusive cost of the course in the fees handbook. The sum of these costs will give the total cost for the set of chosen courses as there are no levies or additional academic charges.

Faculty handbooks can be obtained from the relevant faculty office and this information is also available on the handbooks page.

Since your fees account is based on your academic load, it is your responsibility to check your enrolment for courses in the current year.

You can download the fees handbook from the right-hand column.

For the latest fees information, download the 2025 Fees Handbook (Handbook 12) from the handbooks page.

Please note: this version replaces all previous versions, including the printed fees booklet.

Alternatively, you can request the handbook by contacting the Fees Office:
Tel: +27 (0)21 650 1704