UNISA Assignment 2025/2026

UNISA Assignment 2025/2026

UNISA Assignment 2025/2026. UNISA Assignment Section (Formative Assessment)

UNISA Assignments

The mission of the Assignment Division is the preparation and registration of all written, electronic and MCQ (Multiple choice question) assignments and assignment marks, in order to render effective service to Unisa clients.

General information

Unisa wants its students to succeed in their studies and to come to their examinations properly prepared. This is why we insist on all our students submitting a certain number of assignments per course before being allowed to take an examination. Tutorial Letter 101 (102 for first-year B Com) normally contains details of the assignment questions. More details concerning assignment requirements will be provided by the lecturers.

Assignment submission methods

All Assignments should be submitted online (via the Internet) using the myUnisa site.

Join myUnisa

Before you can use the online assignment submission functions on myUnisa, you have to join as a myUnisa user and allocate yourself a password. Only students who are registered for the current academic year may use myUnisa. You will find a detailed explanation of how to join as a user on the myUnisa site. Go to https://my.unisa.ac.za/ and look for the Join myUnisa link.