Sylva University Contact Details – Address

Sylva University Contact Details – Address

Sylva University Contact Details – Sylva University Contacts – Address

Sylva University Intake

SYLVA UNIVERSITY is a young and dynamic university in Zambia whose objective is to strive constantly to sustain and enhance its quality in teaching, research, outreach and all-round economic development.

Sylva University was first established as Sylva Professional Catering and Training College, and recently celebrated 16 years of existence. Since 1997, the training programmes have been drawing on the extensive academic and institutional resources of well-qualified individuals. The institution has won many awards and accolades in the hospitality industry of both local and international repute for leading the way as a centre of excellence and knowledge.

Sylva University (2014), a branch of Sylva Group Companies, is a Zambian Based International Centre of Excellence offering specialised undergraduate, postgraduate and Community Based Education in the broad fields of ICT; Business & Development Studies; Tourism & Hospitality Studies; Culinary Arts and Applied Sciences.

The university envisions working closely with governments at local levels and international levels, non-governmental organisations, the private sector, and international organisations all over the world. Its mission is to develop the human and institutional capacities necessary to reduce poverty and improve the quality of life from an entrepreneurial perspective.

The aim of Sylva University is to extend itself into the social, environment, cultural, and economic fibre of the community of Sub Saharan Africa. While instructions remain the primary institutional focus, the faculty and staff increasingly interact with constituencies in response to needs for research, technology transfer, and educational services. Telecommunications and interactive technology are increasingly important in the delivery of those services, and more instruction is being provided off-campus. Technology and automation will be our important means for the delivery of instructional, administrative, library, and information services both on and off-campus.

Sylva University Contact Details – Address


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