Sol Plaatje University Online Application 2025/2026

Sol Plaatje University Online Application 2025/2026

Sol Plaatje University Online Application 2025/2026 – Guidelines to Sol Plaatje University Online Application.

How to apply for the first time (Under- and Postgraduates)

Sol Plaatje University Courses

Please Note the following:

  • Use a computer or laptop to apply online. (NOT A CELLPHONE)
  • Visit our website: or use the following link to apply online.
  • After you capture your biographical information, your student number will be displayed on the screen.

a) New Prospective student: Capture your biographical information.


Click on the icon Apply, register, change personal information, get academic and other information.


Read Step 1 and 2 on the screen below. Capture your Biographical information and click on the SAVE button.

How to process the Matriculation type?

Those possessing a Senior Certificate should select the following:

  • Certificate of complete exemption or School leaving certificate

Those possessing a National Senior Certificate or is currently in matric, should select the following:

  • NSC Gr12: Admis to Bachelors or NSC Gr12: Admis to Diploma or NSC Gr12: Admis to Cert

How to create a pin?


How to create a pin as a new prospective student?

If you are a new prospective student, following the steps below on page 5 (c).

How to create a pin as an existing student?

  • Type in your student number and click on Request a Pin or click on Forgot Pin.
  • A web pin will be send directly to your email address. If your email address has changed, please notify the following departments to update it:
    o Potential undergraduate students: Application/Admissions office
    o Potential postgraduate students: School Registrar/Administrator
  • If the system block you after 3 attempts of unsuccessful logins, contact the Application/ Admissions office or your School Registrar/Administrator to reset your login.
  • Login, read then accept application rules in order to proceed with your application.

If ID number already exists.

  • Click on Forgot Student Number, enter ID number and SEARCH. Student number will be sent to your email address.
  • If the email address has changed, notify the applications office on full name/s, surname and id number together with the changed email address.

New prospective students

NB: System created a reference number that will become the student number once your biographical data have been saved.

Congratulations!! You have accessed the Student Online System.

Read and Accept the Application Rules.


Click on Application, then click on View Application Rules.

NB: Read the SPU Online Academic Application Rules, scroll down and click on the [I Accept] Button.

Complete the following pages.

  • School Attended
  • School Leaving Subjects
  • Certificates Seen (used to upload various documents such as ID, Affidavit, Matric Certificates, Academic Transcripts, Qualification(s) obtained at another University, etc.)

NB: Your affidavit should state whether or not you studied at any tertiary institution after completion of your matric, prior to the current year.

  • Enter Previous Qualification used only if you have previously studied at a different institution and obtained a degree or certificate, or
    o the degree was not yet awarded

NB: Please upload your supporting documents (Certificate Seen: “PQ – Degree/Certificate Achieved”.)

  • Any Disabilities
  • Update Personal Information (e.g. If you require residence accommodation, etc.)
  • Submit Application
  • View Completed Applications
  • Academic Admission Status

Availability of Websites in the Application Rules

Please note: You will be able to access the following websites from the Application Rules

  • SPU Website:
  • Matriculation Board:
  • South African Qualification Authority (SAQA):

Apply for funding

  • NSFAS:
  • FUNZA:

How to access websites:

SPU Website:

Click on “Study@SPU”, then click on “How to apply” to access the Online Application Guide and link to access the Online Student System.

Matriculation Board

South African Qualification Authority (SAQA)