NSFAF Documents Needed to Upload 2024/2025

NSFAF Documents Needed to Upload 2024/2025

List of NSFAF Documents Needed to Upload 2024/2025. We have listed out the NSFAF Documents Needed to Upload for 2024/2025 Application. Find details below.

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List of NSFAF Documents Needed to Upload 2024/2025

  1. Full birth certificate
  2. Namibian Identity Card (ID)
  3. ID of parents/guardians
  4. Proof of parental income (In the absence of proof of income or if unemployed, a sworn declaration must be made before a Commissioner of Oaths by parent(s) or guardian(s) themselves. This requirement is only for financial assistance purposes and has nothing to do with matter of maintenance)
  5. Proof of income should also be submitted by employed applicants who are studying undergraduate studies. If parental income is above N$750 000, NSFAF will only pay tuition fees, unless there is a proof of support for other siblings and/or legally adopted children at Institutions of Higher Learning. If parental income is less than N$750 000, NSFAF will pay the full predetermined rate.
  6. Mid-year examination or final examination results
  7. 1x passport photo
  8. Proof of admission from Institutions of Higher Learning/ VTCs.
  9. Offer letters or notice of provisional admission should be submitted by students who intend to pursue their studies at foreign or SADC institutions.
  10. For mature age entry—such letter of admission must be submitted. This is only applicable to students at local Institutions of Higher Learning.

N.B. — Proof of registration (in the case of local students) should be submitted when the student has registered, not during the application process. The Fund only accepts offer/admission letters issued by the governments or institutions of higher learning in which the students intend to study. Third party offers or admission letters are not accepted.

Likewise, a certified copy of Grade 12 results (certificate) should be submitted when received, not during the application process.

The Supporting Documents

Before submitting the application, applicants can upload relevant supporting documents such as Namibian ID, Parental Income statements, Orphan Status Certificates, Qualifications etc. for validation.

If the needed documents are not at hand at the time of application, applicants can easily provide the required documents by Telefax or by email. Supporting Documents can also be provided at any of NSFAF regional offices, at the NSFAF Head Office or to one of the 140 mobile assistance teams who will be in all 14 regions and at all relevant campuses.

Documents provided will be validated from the NSFAF Awards Team. Status notifications of the application process or any further requirement will be send by SMS and eMail automatically. We aim to issue a preliminary award, subject to registration at an institute of higher learning within 48 hours.

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