NSFAF Basic Funding Requirements 2024/2025

NSFAF Basic Funding Requirements 2024/2025

Find out the NSFAF Basic Funding Requirements for 2024/2025 Application. We have outline all the Basic Funding Requirements required to apply for NSFAF in 2024/2025.

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NSFAF Bursaries

Details of NSFAF Basic Funding Requirements 2024/2025

NSFAF Funding Requirements

The following criteria are mere guidelines that form part of the synthetic priority index, and are used to determine eligibility for Undergraduate, Vocational Education Training and Postgraduate Financial Assistance

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Requirement for Undergraduate financial assistance

Funding requirements for Undergraduate studies are determined as per Local, SADC/International requirements.

NSFAF Basic Local Funding Requirements

An applicant should be a Namibian citizen; The applicant should apply to study full/part-time or distance at accredited and recognized Institutions of Higher Learning;

Applicants should submit proof of provisional admission attached to their applications.

NSFAF Basic Additional Funding Requirements (Part-time and or distance employed applicants):

Applicants (students) that are employed and are studying part-time or through distance learning may be funded, depending on the field of study. This funding is limited to high and medium priority fields of study as determined annually by NSFAF, provided that their income does not exceed N$300,000 per annum. NSFAF only pays for tuition fees.

Post-graduate studies outside Namibia – requirements

Applicants should be Namibian citizens.

Full-time/Part-time/Distance applicants studying at accredited and recognized Institutions of Higher Learning.

Applicants should be studying towards: Honours, Masters and PhD programmes.

Applicants studying towards an Honours level must have obtained an undergraduate qualification.

Preference will be given to applicants studying towards a qualification that is in line with the completed qualification.

Consideration will be given to applicants studying towards higher and medium priority field of studies.

Preference will be given to students studying at SADC and regional Institutions.

Applicants should submit proof of provisional admission attached to their applications.

Only students studying in high priority category fields of study will be funded.

Part-time/distance/modular/online studies will be funded under co-sponsorship for high and medium priority field of studies only. NSFAF pays only a portion of tuition fees; up to 40%.

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