NMMU Student Bursaries Application 2025/2026

NMMU Student Bursaries Application 2025/2026

The NMMU Student Bursaries for 2025/2026. Find Out How to Apply for Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University NMMU Student Bursaries 2025/2026

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NMMU offers various forms of bursaries and loans, including our scholar and student merit awards which reward top academic performance. We also administer funds from corporate donors and from the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS). NSFAS funding is specifically aimed at assisting needy students who display academic merit.

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Details of NMMU Student Bursaries Application 2025/2026

Official provisions and conditions for bursaries

  • Undergraduate bursaries are not awarded automatically. They must be applied for, by sending an application to the address of the organisation administering the bursary. These addresses are listed in this booklet.
  • Where required, students must attach a complete official academic record to their applications for bursaries at NMMU. Should any qualification have been obtained at another university, the relevant academic records must also accompany their applications.
  • No incomplete or late forms will be accepted.
  • Bursaries administered by NMMU are usually paid out in two instalments.
  • Should students to whom bursaries have been awarded not complete their courses, the University may claim reimbursement of the amount paid out to them.
  • Before applying to an outside organisation, applicants must make sure that they meet the minimum requirements set by that organisation.
  • Applications for bursaries administered by bodies other than NMMU must be forwarded to the relevant organisation/company that administers the bursary, not to the university.

NMMU offers three types of financial assistance for full-time students, namely:

  • Bursaries administered by NMMU using funds provided by donors or trustees.
  • Bursaries and study loans administered by other organisations, to which applications must be directed.
  • NSFAS loans.

Academically deserving and financially needy students have the opportunity to apply for a loan from the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS), part of which can be converted to a bursary, subject to academic results.

NMMU Student Tuition Fee Bursaries 2025/2026

Tuition fee bursaries granted by NMMU apply only to the first enrolment of a module and only to formal subsidised studies undertaken at NMMU. The cancellation of studies will result in the cancellation of the bursary and the student will be liable for the entire account balance. Module cancellations will result in the reversal of the bursary for the cancelled module. NMMU bursaries are for tuition fees only and all other fees remain due and payable. Tuition initial payments are required if the NMMU bursary is less than the required initial payment.

NMMU Student Bursaries 2025/2026

Scholar Merit Awards

The Merit Award scheme rewards top-performing scholars for the marks achieved in the final matric exams. The better the scholar’s marks, the greater the discount they will receive on their fees.

No application is necessary – the bursary is awarded automatically. Points are awarded for the symbols obtained in each subject and the amount of the award is linked to the total merit points achieved.


  • The award will be based on the final Grade 12 (Senior Certificate) results.
  • Matric must have been completed not earlier than the three years preceding the student’s first registration at NMMU.
  • The candidate should be enrolling for a post-matric qualification for the first time.
  • The candidate must be registered as a full-time student for degree/diploma purposes for the full duration of the academic year.
  • Applicants admitted to Extended Curricula Programmes don’t qualify for the Scholar Merit Award Scheme.
  • This Scholar Merit Award Scheme is available to South African students only.

How to calculate your merit point

  • • In the table on the left, look up the points awarded for each of your NSC Percentages and add up the points obtained for each subject.
  • If the total is 35 or above, the candidate would have satisfied ONE of the criteria.
  • Scholars use their 6/7 best subjects to calculate their award.
  • Second language Higher Grade scores Standard Grade points.


NSC Percentages

Merit Point

Amount: Degree/Diploma


90% to 100%

49 and above

15 000


80% to 89%


R13 000


70% to 79%

46 -47

R11 000


60% to 69%

44 – 45

R9 000


50% to 59%


– 43

R7 000


40% to 49%


– 41

R5 000


0% to 39%

35 – 38

R4 000

Student Merit Bursaries

Returning students automatically qualify for merit bursaries based on their final results in the previous year of study. All students who have passed all their modules and have attained a weighted average mark of 70% (subject to change) or higher receive a student merit bursary, the rand value of which is determined on a sliding scale, the minimum value is R3000. This award is only made to SA citizens.

Sport Bursaries

The NMMU Sports Bureau offers sports bursaries of varying amounts to sports performers who have demonstrated the ability to play sports at a high level of competition. Sports bursaries are awarded to students by the Sports Bureau. Application forms are available from their office.

Closing Date: Before the end of October each year.

Bursary application forms can be obtained from the Sports Bureau: e-mail:krish.williamson@nmmu.ac.za, tel: 041 504 2555 or 041 504 2165.

Contact the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University NMMU for more details about the Student Bursaries and also check your status.

  • Financial Aid Office PO Box 77000
  • Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University Port Elizabeth
  • 6031

Tel: 041 504 2550

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