Mangosuthu University of Technology Courses 2025/2026

Mangosuthu University of Technology Courses 2025/2026

Mangosuthu University of Technology Courses 2025/2026 – See the List of courses offered at MUT.

MUT Faculty of Engineering Courses

Department of Chemical Engineering

  • Access Course
  • Diploma in Chemical: Engineering
  • Advanced Diploma in Chemical Engineering

Department of Civil Engineering and Survey

  • Access Course in Civil Engineering /Surveying
  • Diploma in Engineering: Civil
  • Diploma in Surveying
  • Diploma in Engineering Civil: Extended Curriculum Programme
  • Diploma in Engineering Surveying: Extended Curriculum Programme

Department of Construction Management and Quantity

  • Diploma in Building
  • Access Course

Department of Electrical Engineering

  • Diploma in Engineering: Electrical
  • Diploma in Engineering: Electrical: Extended Curriculum Programme
  • Access Course

Department of Mechanical Engineering

  • Diploma in Engineering: Mechanical
  • Diploma in Engineering: Mechanical: Extended Curriculum Programme
  • Access Course

MUT Faculty of Management Sciences Courses

Department of Accounting and Law

  • Diploma: Accounting (4-year Programme)
  • Diploma: Accounting (3-year Programme)
  • Diploma: Cost and Management Accounting
  • Diploma: Finance and Accounting (Public)
  • Bachelor of Technology (Cost and Management Accounting)

Department of Human Resource Management

  • Diploma: Human Resources Management
  • B. Tech. Human Resources Management
  • Advanced Diploma in Human Resources Management

Department of Marketing

  • Diploma: Marketing
  • Advanced Diploma in Marketing

Department of Office Technology

  • Diploma: Office Management and Technology
  • Advanced Diploma in Office Management and Technology

Department of Public Administration and Economics

  • Diploma: Public Management

MUT Faculty of Natural Sciences Courses

Department of Agriculture

  • Diploma in Agriculture: Animal Production
  • Diploma in Agriculture
  • Diploma in Agriculture: Extended Curriculum Programme
  • Diploma in Agriculture: Animal Production: Extended Curriculum Programme
  • Advanced Diploma in Agriculture in Crop Production

Department of Biomedical Sciences

  • Diploma in Biomedical Technology
    Extended Curriculum Programme
  • Baccalaureus Technologiae: Biomedical Technology
  • Bachelor of Health Sciences: Medical Laboratory Sciences

Department of Chemistry

  • Diploma in Analytical Chemistry
    Access Course
  • Baccalaureus Technologiae: Chemistry

Department of Community Extension

  • Diploma in Community Extension
  • Advanced Diploma in Agricultural Extension and Community Development

Department of Environmental Health

  • Diploma in Environmental Health
  • Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health

Department of Information and Communication Technology

  • Diploma in Information Technology
  • Diploma in Information Technology: Extended Programme

Department of Nature Conservation

  • Diploma in Nature Conservation
  • Advanced Diploma in Nature Conservation
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Nature Conservation
  • Master of Nature Conservation