Learnerships for Law Students 2025/2026

Learnerships for Law Students 2025/2026

The Learnerships for Law Students in 2025/2026. See Application details of Learnerships for Law Students 2025/2026.

Available Learnerships for Law Students/Graduates

There are a variety of career paths for law graduates. Here we have listed some of the general career paths offered.

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General Law Students Learnerships:

  • Law Administration
  • Legal Service Councilor
  • Legal Service Manager
  • Law Contract Administration
  • Legal Secretary
  • Tax Law Consultant
  • Patent Attorney
  • Solicitor
  • Legal Executive

Companies offering Law Student learnerships

  • Department of Labour
  • SARS
  • NGB ? National Gambling Board
  • ITAC
  • TRP ? Takeover Regulation Panel
  • ATNS ? Air Traffic and Navigation Services

Learnerships for Law Students: Requirements

Requirements for careers in this field is usually very similar to most companies. There may be a couple of extra requirements, depending on the company. Candidates must always confirm that they know what the requirements are of the company they are applying to and that they meet them all. Below are some of the basic stipulations for careers in this field.

Basic stipulations may include:

  • Candidates must be South African citizens between the age of 18 and 35
  • Who holds a valid ID book or document and Grade 12 certificate
  • With no more than one year?s work experience or less, some may require no work experience
  • Candidates must have a valid Matric certificate
  • With a valid degree in the field of application
  • Candidates must be proficient in English
  • Be computer literate, dependable and a team player

Law graduate learnerships can run for a duration of 12 to 24-months. The term will be dependent on the company offering the learnership. Many companies also promote learnerships in this field for disabled and previously disadvantaged candidates.

How to Apply for Learnerships for Law Students/Graduates

Law Graduate learnerships applications can be done through each company?s website. If the company does not have an online application is will be stated and directions to apply as well. Applicants must ensure that they complete the application in full and attach all required documentation before submitting. Application forms that are missing documents will not be looked at. Documentation attached must be certified copies, candidates should never submit their originals.

All contact detail must be current so that a company can get hold of you if you are selected. Applications that are incomplete will be thrown out and not considered. It is good if candidates can also submit reference letters, recommendations, and a shortened CV.