Justo Mwale University Fees 2023/2024

Justo Mwale University Fees 2023/2024

Table and PDF Format of Justo Mwale University Fees Structure 2023/2024. Find on this page full details of the Justo Mwale University Fee Structure for Courses in 2023/2024 Academic Year.

Justo Mwale University Fees

Tuition Fees are what students pay for the cost of the courses they learn at the university. The Justo Mwale University Fee is structured to cover the Justo Mwale University Tuition Fees and other Academic bills and services offered in the school. The Justo Mwale University Intake and all associated fees are required to be paid into the University’s rightful account.

See Justo Mwale University Bank Account Numbers

If you are a continuing student, you can check your Outstanding Fees online by accessing the Justo Mwale University Student Portal or better still visit the Accounts Department for all information you may need on your current fees status.

Candidates applying for Admissions can also pay for their Justo Mwale University Application Form fee to the same account provided. You can contact Justo Mwale University for details.

Before you head on to read the information that we have gather on this page about the Justo Mwale University Fees for 2023/2024, we entreat our readers especially students, parents and teachers to spend some few minutes to read more about Justo Mwale University.

About Justo Mwale University (JMU)

Justo Mwale University (JMU) is a Nondenominational training Institution that trains persons from various backgrounds and countries in various fields. Many students come from the Reformed and Presbyterian churches. At the beginning of 2014, the University started to implement a new strategic plan that was to guide it in the next five years. This new strategic plan takes into consideration the expansion of the University in its programme’s delivery. It is also expected that during this period (2015-2018, the University will transform into a fully-fledged University with an initial two (2) schools, Namely: Theology and Religion and Education. At the expiration of the previous plan, Justo Mwale has crafted a New Strategic plan 2022-2023 that thrives to succeed in a competitive environment with many players offering a similar product.

Initially, the Institution started as a Theological training of Ministers of the Word and Sacraments for the Reformed Church in Zambia in February 1951, at Madzimoyo in the Eastern Province in Zambia. In 1969, the ‘Reformed Church Theological College’, as it was called then, moved to Lusaka and in 1975, the College was officially opened and renamed Justo Mwale Theological College (JMTC) in honor of the first Zambian; Rev Justo Mwale, in the Reformed Church in Zambia to be ordained as Minister of the Word and Sacraments. In 1989, a multi-church College Board was instituted, and other churches with students at JMTC began to participate in the governance of the Institution.

In 2008 the College was transformed into a University College and from 2011 started to offer Open and Distance Learning programmes in Theology and non-Theology courses and programmes. Eventually, in 2014 the University College transformed into a University and changed its name to Justo Mwale University. The institution is registered with the Higher Education Authority (HEA) and has agreements with a number of International Universities and organisations. Since its inception, and especially since its time in Lusaka, hard work was put in to improve infrastructure, link up with other schools abroad, and enhance the quality of education. As a result of these constant efforts, the institution is now one of the leading theological institutions in Southern and Central Africa and is recognised internationally as an institution offering quality theological education. The Accrediting Council for Theological Education in Africa (ACTEA) accredited the Diploma in Theology programme in 1991 and the Bachelor of Theology programme in 1997. The Booth Centre for Service and Training was established in 1999.

Tabulation of the Justo Mwale University Fees 2023/2024

Below is all the Justo Mwale University Fee Structure for the 2023/2024 Academic year.

Postgraduate Degree Programs


Per Semester

Undergraduate Degree Programs


Per Semester

Diploma Programs

K2, 600.00

Per Semester

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