Does UNISA Accept GED

Does UNISA Accept GED

Are you GED holder who wants to be enrolled at UNISA? Are you wondering whether Does UNISA Accept GED?

Here is a quick explanation of GED and whether it is recognised in the University of South Africa or Not.

GED is coined from General Educational Development. Before, it was Tests of General Educational Development until 2011 that is widely known as General Educational Development. The General Educational Development (GED) is a series of tests in which four subjects are written to demonstrate the high school academic knowledge of students.

Does UNISA Accept GED?

Answer: Yes. you can study at any college or university in South Africa with a GED

The South African Qualifications Authority(SAQA) has evaluated the GED and found the National Senior Certificate or NQF 4 as its closest comparable qualification.

Hence, The University of South Africa Recognise and Accept GED for Admission Application.