CPUT Fees Schedule and Payment Methods 2025/2026

CPUT Fees Schedule and Payment Methods 2025/2026

Find Details of Cape Peninsula University of Technology CPUT Fees Schedule and Payment Methods 2025/2026 below:

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CPUT Application fees

An application fee of R100 is payable when the application form is submitted manually. No application will be considered if the respective fee is not attached.

This fee is non-refundable.

CPUT Acceptance fees

In order to secure provisional registration, please adhere to the following financial procedures:


Submit a deposit of R1 750 made payable to Cape Peninsula University of Technology in one of the following forms:

  • Postal order Direct deposit or electronic transfer; when making use of this latter option
  • Make provision for bank charges and/ or commission.
  • Bank draft

CPUT Registration fee

A class registration fee of is always payable upon registration.

Students doing in-service training must also register for such training and pay the registration fee in addition to the in-service training fee.

The registration fee portion of R745 is non-refundable.

UPON REGISTRATION A STUDENT SHALL, be liable for the full fee even though cancellation may take place before any classes are attended.

CPUT Single subject fees

For full-time and part-timestudents. All fees are calculated per subject in addition to the registration fee.

TERMS OF PAYMENT – TUITION FEES No deviation from these rules will be permitted and all queries relating to fees must be in writing. Students must under no circumstances deal with academic staff, faculty officers, hostel committees or residence staff in matters relating to payments, credits, reductions, etc.

Full-time and part-time,annual/ semester courses

Prior to registration R3 500 must be paid for full-time and part-time annual/ semester courses.

The residence students must pay a total of

R5 000, which include the upfront payment for Residence of R1 500.

STUDENTS WHO HAVE NOT PAID the above amounts or have an outstanding balance from a previous period will not be allowed to register.

The student or guardian is at all times personally liable for payment of fees. However, if the student’s employer is paying the fee such student must present a letter from the employer undertaking to pay, at each and every registration.

A SURETY OR GUARANTEE for the settlement of fees may be required from the student(‘s) parent or legal guardian at the time of registration at the discretion of CPUT Management.

International students

All international students (including African and SADC students) pay an admin levy of R1 500, payable on acceptance plus an upfront payment of 50% of the anticipated fees for the year, and the balance of the fees for the year must be paid by the end of May.

In addition, International students, apart from those from AFRICAN, SADC countries and Refugees, will be required to double the normal South African fee.

The upfront residence fee of 50% is payable on registration with the remaining balance paid on or before the end of May.

International students with outstanding debt will have sanctions placed on their records and will not be allowed further enrollment until the debt is paid in full.

Holders of bursaries

Bursary holders, as well as students whose fees are paid by their employers, are personally responsible for payment of their fees. The onus rests on the student to ensure that a bursary or payment from an employer is received in good time.

Any bursaries awarded and received by CPUT shall first settle any prior outstanding debt, before any refund can be considered provided this is in accordance with the applicable bursary conditions.

For more information on NSFAS and Bursaries kindly contact the Financial Aid Office or go the the following link: http://www.cput.ac.za/study/ funding


Refunds will apply only with written instruction from the payee as well as a refund application form, which can be obtained from the Student Debtors Section. Kindly take note of the cut- off dates.


  1. Refunds will only be made to the payee if it is requested in writing.
  2. Permission must be granted by the payee to refund monies to the student.
  3. Request of refunds may take a minimum of 4 weeks to process from the received date.
  4. All Bursary refund requests must be submitted to the Financial Aid Office.
  5. CPUT will not be held liable for any incorrect banking details submitted.

Applicants who fail the senior certificate examination or those who are not accepted may apply for a refund of the deposit. Written evidence must be submitted.

Cancellation of registration and subjects

Students who cancel their studies may be allowed a credit according to the following:

Block 1 – First Semester Courses:

Last Date 20 March 2020 – 100% credits

Block 0 – Annual courses:

Last Date 19 May 2020 – 100% credits

Block 6 – Annual Courses: 19 May 2020 – 100% credits

Block 2 – Second Semester: 25 Aug 2020 -100% credits

For comprehensive info with regards to the block code please contact the your faculty

Cancellation/Termination of Studies

  • A student who abandons his/ her course or subject must immediately complete the necessary documentation at the Faculty Office and advise the relevant Faculty Officer.
  • Non-attendance or staying away is not a formal cancellation of studies and will not give cause for any adjustment or cancellation of fees.
  • Students are advised to follow up on the cancellation application until it has been processed.
  • No cancellation credit queries will be considered after the prescribed dates.

However, consideration will be given in the case of death, medical unfitness or serious illness. Documentary proof of such death, unfitness or illness must be submitted at the faculty office upon cancellation of course.

This notification will in no way give cause for any adjustment or cancellation of fees. Refer to table 1.2.5

Amendment of subjects and registration

First semester subjects: 20 March 2020 Annual subjects: 20 March 2020

The same date is applicable for annual subjects to make any amendments and or cancellations.

  • Last date for amendments of studies & subjects for first semester and year qualifications 20 March 2020
  • Last date for cancellation of studies 20 March 2020
  • Last date for cancellation of registration with full fee rebate for first semester and year qualifications 20 March 2020
  • Final date: 25 August 2020 Block 2- Second Semester -100%credits

Last day for all cancellations of full course with Zero fee Credit: 28 September 2020

Once you have written a final exam for any subject, you may no longer cancel that subject.

NB: Final date for financial clearances iro 2020 registration is 21st February 2020.

Undergraduate studies

Final date for financial clearance iro 2020 academic year is the 21st of February 2020.

Postgraduate Studies:

New Students (Course based qualifications): 2nd March 2020

New Students (Full Research qualifications): 29 May 2020


Payment by cheque

CPUT only accepts Bank Guaranteed Cheques. Cheques should be crossed and made payable to the “Cape Peninsula University of Technology” and have student’s name and student number clearly reflected on the reverse side.

Post-dated cheques are not acceptable.

Payment by credit/ debit card

Credit card: Visa / Master / Diners / Amex

Debit card: Maestro / Visa Electron

Payment by direct deposit Preferred method of payment is direct deposit into the following bank account:




Cape Peninsula University

of Technology


Public Sector Cape Town


632 005


405 354 8487




[Student number]

The proof of payment slip must be emailed to: studentaccounts@cput.ac.za

NB: Clearly indicate the student number. Please allow three working days for the transaction to be processed on your student account.

Take advantage of our hassle-free debit order system with the following benefits

  • No lengthy queues for cash deposits
  • Save on cash withdrawal chargers
  • Safe and secure payments
  • Monthly payment plan for an extended period of time: February to November of the current academic year
  • Avoid interest levied against your student account and honour your monthly payments.
  • Our debit orders can be only be withdrawn from the following participation banks:



  • All debit order amendments and cancellation requests must be sent 

NB: All disputed/ reversed payments will be charged an amount of R20 per transaction. All disputed and failed debit orders will result in student accounts being flagged in terms of payment default, and you will not be permitted to enter into any future arrangements with CPUT.

Debit order forms are obtainable from the Student Debtors Section. Also available from the following link www. cput.ac.za/study/fees

Settlement discount

The qualifying students should not be in receipt of any bursary/ies or scholarship/s. A settlement discount will be allowed under the following conditions:





Annual fees paid in

End of

5% discount

previous year


First semester fees

End of

2.5% discount

paid on or before


Second semester fees

End of

2.5% discount

paid on or before


PLEASE NOTE: Once payment is made as per the dates stipulated above, students are advised to forward the proof of payment(s) to the following email addresses:

Bellville/ Tygerberg & Wellington:

Email: christiansm@cput.ac.za or williamsde@cput.ac.za or contact 021 460 4246

District 6/Mowbray & Athlone


Email: nelan@cput.ac.za

or contact: 021 460 3630 Bellville/ Tygerberg & Wellington


Email: perrya@cput.ac.za

or contact: 021 959 6250

NB: No late application will be considered for settlement discount requests if it is not submitted in the same year of study.

Sibling discount

In cases where two or more students from the same immediate family (brother, sister, parent, child) enroll at CPUT during the same year, a discount may be afforded subject to the following conditions:

  • Family members must be full-timestudents enrolled at CPUT during the same study period (this will not apply to half-brothers/ sisters, cousins etc.)
  • The family member who qualifies in terms of the above point must not be in receipt of any bursary of scholarship.
  • Applications must be made to the Student Debtors Section and documentary proof (in the form of a sworn affidavit) or the family membership must be submitted during the academic year for which a discount is required

Failure to pay CPUT fees

Students must make timely arrangements for payment of class fees. A student’s results will be withheld if the fees are not paid by the due date.

In the case of financial difficulties timely arrangements must be made and agreed to in writing with the Student Debtors.

All payment arrangements only serves to facilitate access to registration and commitments to settle outstanding debt. This does not include the release of results/ academic transcripts, certificates or guarantees any future registration unless the account is paid in full.

Non-registered students who have been inactive for a period longer than three months after the last registration date are handed over to the CPUT appointed debt collection agency for collection. CPUT also institutes legal action (including blacklisting) against defaulters for recovery of all fees, expenses and interest.

Students who have been handed over to debt collectors are not allowed to register until their accounts have been settled.


Printing of student account statements is R10. Statements are printed only on request from the Student Debtors Offices.

Electronic version of your student account statement is available on the student Online services.

Link: http://www.cput.ac.za/students/ about/sos


Student cards are issued at a charge of R120 which is the cost to the CPUT. Duplicates are obtainable on payment of a fee of R120.

Students will be denied access to the CPUT campus if they cannot produce their student card when requested.


No transfer of tuition fees to any other tertiary educational institution or educational institution will be permitted. Students who transfer from another institution to continue their studies at CPUT will have to register and pay the full fee applicable and in addition produce a certificate of satisfactory conduct from such other tertiary or educational institution.


Compulsory examination fees for all national, diploma and degree examinations as well as for professional bodies are included in the tuition fees.

Supplementary examination fees are NOT

Supplementary Assessment

(Maritime Only): Registration fee R300.00

Per Subject: R300.00


Acceptance of enrolment for a re-evaluation and/or supplementary examination is subject to the approval of the Dean of the Faculty concerned within the prescribed period and before the closing date. No entry to such re-evaluation or supplementary will be allowed one week after the closing date.

The cost will be R300 per subject.

For certain specific subjects where external examinations are included, other fees will be charged.


NO TRANSFERS CAN BE ARRANGED All examinations may be written only at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology.


Please consult with your faculty office for special registration.

NB: All examinations may be written only at CPUT. No transfer can be arranged.

If a student is permitted to a special registration in a different academic year, R745 registration fee must be paid IN ADDITION TO the special registration.


Exemption fee

Fee for exemption subjects passed at other professional institutions and universities, except a University of Technology, R100 (per subject)

Recognition fee

The fees for the recognition of subjects passed at either the CPUT or at the another University of Technology in SA are as follows:

  • Recognition fee per subject: External University of Technology R100
  • Recognition fee per subject: Internal – for subjects passed at CPUT R60


A student, if unsuccessful in an examination, may apply for a remark at a fee of R300.


Students are furnished with examination reports provided residence and class fees are paid. Should a student require a statement of results at any other time, this is obtainable from the Examinations Office, at a fee of R50 per statement provided there are no monies outstanding.


Various bursaries/ loans are available to students. A brochure with details and application forms is available from the Financial Aid Office. Regrettably, financial aid is not made available to International students.


Residence accommodation is provided for academically registered full time students ONLY.

Residence accommodation is subject to availability, in terms of the rules, and will be allocated at the campus where the student will be studying.

Residence rules

There are residence rules applicable to students residing in the residence. These will be strictly enforced and admission to such residence is conditional on acceptance of these rules.

Deposit on acceptance

An initial payment is payable on acceptance of a place in the residence.

Cancellation must be in writing addressed to Student Housing Department. Students are responsible individually for the furniture, fittings and structural parts of their rooms and collectively for similar items in the areas of common use.


CPUT will under NO CIRCUMSTANCES be responsible for any loss or damage to a student’s clothing or possessions. Students are advised to affect their own All-risk

Terms of payment

Any student whose residence fees are not paid prior to admission will not be allowed into the residence.

Fees only cover accommodation while the university is in session. Residence fees do not include accommodation during mid- year and end-of-year university vacations.

Students are expected to vacate their rooms 24 hours after having written their last examination in June and November.

Fees are reviewed from time to time and may be increased without prior notice.

Termination of residence

No reduction in residence fees will be permitted in the event of a student vacating the residence at any time.


Students are at all times subject to all security rules exercised on the campus.


When a candidate who is registered for an advanced qualification submits a thesis for examination purposes the following fees are


Masters thesis

R2 650

Doctoral thesis

R3 200


Please note: No ad hoc payments should be made to anyone within the CPUT unless on a formal CPUT invoice.